About Game

The Unearthened is a classic sci-fi idle tower defense game where the player builds turrets to defend his base from the attacking alien hordes.

The player needs to build and develop a sustainable mining base that can generate enough profits to build defenses.

You arrived at Taichin XI, one of the moons of the planet Teptes, looking for rare resources. You've soon discovered that you are not alone. The mining operations have disturbed the insectoid aliens living deep underground and they are coming for you. Deploy automated defenses and prepare for the nightfall. Defend your HQ at all costs.

When the going gets tough build Tech plants to Tech up and build better, powerful turrets to deal with tougher aliens.

The Unearthened is now available on Steam

Build A Mining Base

Collect Resources

Prepare Your Defenses

Survive The Onslaught


  • 6 Different types of turrets.

  • 5 Different types of buildings.

  • Build & manage your base by mining rare minerals.

  • Build tech plants to research new tech and unlock better and powerful turrets to help deal with tougher enemies.

  • Earn points by unlocking achievements and use them to permanently upgrade turrets and buildings. Start Newgame+ with improved defenses and buildings.

  • Randomly generated map making the game fresh every new start, or Design your own map with the map editor.

Gameplay Trailer.

Beta Game Teaser Trailer.